Laura Sanchez Lopez


I always think about how fortunate I am that I work within beauty. The human body is amazing, and as people say, the face is a reflection of the soul, so why not try to show this in the best possible way and reflect this mood to everyone.

I like to make people feel better. Helena Rubinstein once said “ugly women wouldn't exist if lazy women didn't”. I think this is definitely true and during my career I have been amazed by women in front of a mirror which have only put a bit of colour to their cheeks and they think they have finished.
I like to feel like the fairy godmother who can fulfil any wishes and I like to achieve the best of each one.

My idols in fashion are big designers of this century whom have discovered to a greater extent how to adapt to the social necessities. Some that I really admire are Yves Saint Laurent for his daringness to give us colour in the middle of grey, to the great Gabrielle Chanel for being a fashion visionary and for having the audacity to give freedom to the curves of the woman. There is also Christian Dior for his exquisite envelopment of the woman in a field of romanticism. Hubert de Givency for the delicateness and transparency of the textures, and I could go on.

I adore beauty, the beauty in the delicate designers, thorough, simple, ornate. I like to feel what they transmit through people and for me make-up is art, the most beautiful and ephemeral that exists, but it is also eternal because is always done with dedication and passion that will last in our eyes forever.

What inspires me?

I'm inspired by...


When i'm doing make-up I feel that i'm telling a story. It's not about how good you are at being able to mix the colours to make a perfect blend, it's about what you want to communicate from that face. This face which is not mine and without doubt it's a challenge to express the emotion that I want through the make-up. It's amazing when you get it, when you feel that the model, stylist, photographer and make-up artist are speaking the same language...this is more than make-up, it's simply magic.

I love this moment when i'm in-front of the model face to face just before starting and I feel the idea blossoming from my fingers but it's not me who is speaking it's my brushes and pigments which are communicating with her.

It's a genuine honour to be able to work with beauty and it's far beyond just about making a girl pretty, it's about an artistic expression.